Audi S3 8V Sportback

Just been to see my mum’s brand new Audi S3 Sportback fresh in the dealership. Me and my dad will be taking delivery of it on Monday! I’ve been polishing the wheels that we’re going to be putting on it. The car now needs to be valeted and the rear diffuser colour coded (glacier white). We’ll also be debadging the car so the front and rear S3 badges will be gone. Instead we’ll be putting the quattro badge on the front so it looks like a sleeper.

The wheels we’ll be putting on are OEM 20-inch forged wheels from the A6. They were quite hard to get hold of as they don’t seem to be in production anymore but my dad has a friend who sells OEM wheels in Germany at good prices. If I’m to be honest, we’re not sure whether they actually look that good on the S3, but what do you guys think? It will look a bit like this, but not as lowered:


[Image: Audi S3 Saloon 380hp by SR Performance]

We also decided not to spray the wheels black, because it’s my mum’s car and we already have the black pack on the S3 so it will look too G for her. I think my first choice of wheel would have been the C7 RS6 wheels in black, but those are 21”s and they won’t fit the S3 because of the offset. You can get replicas in a lower size but we decided no. But little did we know, the new A6 S-line facelift has the option of having 20” RS6 wheels on it in titan. so that could be a future option for when we get bored. Those wheels are not available to order until the facelifted A6 is launched at the Paris Motor Show in October.

So what else are we going to be doing with the S3 you might be asking? Well, the S3 produces 300hp from a 2.0 4-cylinder, but we thought that wasn’t enough, so we’re putting a tuning box on it which will give it around 350-370hp. It has the S-tronic gearbox which makes it go from 0-60mph in about 4.6s. With the tuning box, it will do it in 3.8s and it will do 0-100mph in 8.9s. 1/4 mile is about 12s. If you want the lowdown on the figures then here they are. The reason why we chose to go down the tuning box route rather than remap the car is because Audis now have a new system that flag up any ECU changes which voids your warranty. We won’t be doing anything to the exhaust although the Milltek exhaust makes it sound really good.

So it looks like my mum will be eating up A45s for breakfast. Anyways, I’ll try and do a before/after post on the day. Unfortunately, we’re getting rid of my mum’s Brabus Smart because it’s old and the gearbox is knackered but I have to say that I’m going to miss it. We remapped it so it was fun beating boyracers in their Civic Type Rs and Mitsubishi Evos.

(Source: artoftheautomobile)

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